Dakar Büyükelçiliği 17.07.2016

On the evening of July 15th, a faction of the Turkish Armed Forces attempted to stage a coup in various cities of Turkey, particularly in Ankara and Istanbul.

It was understood in a short time that this was more than a treacherous plot: It was a terrorist campaign. The perpetrators shot at their own people, stabbed their commanders in the back and bombed the National Parliament and the Office of the Presidency.

From the very beginning, the command chain and vast majority of the Turkish Armed Forces stood up against the coup attempt. It was merely some elements of the Air Forces, Gendarmerie and armored units that joined the violent conspiracy. Both the police and public prosecutors immediately took necessary measures to foil the attempt.

Above all, it was the Turkish nation who thwarted the plot. They displayed a historic solidarity as they took to the streets and remained defiant. The stood bravely in front of the tanks and reclaimed their democratic rights.

The terrorists tried to broadcast their message by taking over studios of the state TV (TRT) and raiding private media outlets. Yet the plotters’ attempt to control the media did not last long. It must be noted that the Turkish media also played a key role in defeating the coup attempt.

Throughout the process, all the political parties and Members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the people stood firmly by democracy, democratic politics, democratic institutions and the Constitution. A Joint Declaration in defense of democracy was issued during the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly on the 16th of July.

During the operations held against the terrorist group, more than 6000 have been detained so far and more than 100 coup plotters were captured dead. The operations continue.

Unfortunately, more than 190 of our citizens were left dead and more than 1400 wounded.

A group of eight involved in the coup attempt fled to Greece on board of a helicopter that they stole. Necessary steps have been taken for the return of the suspects and the helicopter.

This coup attempt was staged by the Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). Our government has been constantly exposing the real motives of this terrorist group and its leader, Fethullah Gülen, to all allies and partners. The foiled coup is the latest criminal act revealing the danger posed by FETÖ.

Our President, Prime Minister, Government and Members of Turkish Grand National Assemble and the Turkish people all together defeated this coup attempt and stood by democracy and rule of law.

The terrorists will be punished in accordance with the law.

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